Duke University, Durham, NC
Ph.D. in Computer Science
August 2023 - Present

Columbia University, New York, NY
B.A. in Computer Science
September 2019 - May 2023
Coursework: Operating Systems I and II, Privacy Preserving Systems, System on a Chip Design, Security I and II, Computer Systems

Research Experience

Container IMA using eBPF with Professor Jason Nieh
Developed container integrity measurement project Fall 2022 to Spring 2023.

Creative Machines Lab with Professor Hod Lipson
Design and implementation of software for a 3D printer Fall 2021 to Spring 2023.

Industry Experience

IBM Research
Research Intern supervised by Dr. Gheorghe Almasi and Dr. Hubertus Franke
May 2023 - August 2023

Red Hat
Software Engineering Intern
May 2022 - April 2023


Avery Blanchard, Gheorghe Almasi, James Bottomley, and Hubertus Franke (2023, November). In Containers We Trust? Building Trust in Containerized Environments [Conference Presentation]. Linux Plumbers Conference.

Avery Blanchard, Gheorghe Almasi, James Bottomley, and Hubertus Franke (2023, November). Extending Non-repudiable Logs with eBPF [Conference Presentation]. Linux Plumbers Conference.

Avery Blanchard and Lily Sturmann (2023, March). Container IMA using eBPF [Conference Presentation]. Container Plumbing Days

Avery Blanchard (2022, November). Container IMA using eBPF [Guest Seminar]. IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center


Graduate Teaching Assistant
Duke University, CS310 Introduction to Operating Systems

Volunteer Experience

MIT Zero Robotics
June 2021 - August 2021

Girls Who Code
August 2020 - August 2021


Container IMA using eBPF (Fall 2022)
Extended the Linux Integrity Measurement Architecture to containers using eBPF

Encrypted TAO (Spring 2023)
Encrypted graph data storage through implementing Order Preserving Encryption in Rust

Robotic Grasping System (Spring 2022)
Utilized deep learning, semantic parsing, ICP and RRT algorithms to build a self-improving robotic grasping system

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: C, Rust, Python, C++, Go, Java
Tools: Git, Make, Linux Kernel Development, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Open Shift, eBPF

Avery Blanchard